Wonder Woman Training to Be Women's T-Shirt

Wonder Woman Training to Be Women's T-Shirt
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    You don't have to go all the way to Themyscira to get an exclusive invite to the super-cool Amazon Warrior Princess club.Just pop on thisWonder Woman Training to Be Women's T-Shirtand you can be an official Paradise Island trainee. Wearing this t-shirt around town might even keep you from getting mugged by petty crooks! **Product not tested against any kind of crook petty or otherwise. Wear at your own risk.Because who has time to get forged from clay train for 5000 years on a hidden island fight to the death and win and leave your Mom and everyone else you've known all your life behind in favor of going on a quest to a Man's World you know nothing about? Made from 100% cotton this bright pink Wonder Woman t-shirt for women features bold white text proclaiming your current level of utterly divine fitness goals.