Wonder Woman Sword of Justice Men's T-Shirt

Wonder Woman Sword of Justice Men's T-Shirt
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    What's more majestic than Wonder Woman's sword?A sword that cleaves planets in twain reduces nihilistic gods to sparklingstumps and deflects massive tides from overrunning entire sea-faring civilizations??I'll tell you what's more majestic -- Wonder Woman's perpetually alight justice-seeking sword accented with a fluffy expanse of angelic wings!Yep ourWonder Woman Sword of Justice Men's T-Shirt features a BEAUTIFUL illustration of Diana's sacred blade with protruding wings an iron-wrought Wonder Woman symbol and some very characteristic proclamations:"Warrior for Peace" rings the blazing red sun rising behind Diana's iron-wrought symbol."The Sword of Justice" resides in front of yes Wonder Woman's sword of justice -- it's rendered in a red distressed classically penned script.Made from 100% cotton this Wonder Woman t-shirt for men conveysDiana's intense quest for justice and the sun-carved sword that handily dispensesall detractors.