Wonder Woman Movie Golden Lasso Men's Hoodie

Wonder Woman Movie Golden Lasso Men's Hoodie
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    This Wonder Woman hoodie compels you to tell the truth!Okay thehoodie itself doesn't and neither does the illustrated lasso; however said illustration does accurately reflect Wonder Woman's legendary implement of forced and whimpering confessions!Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester ourWonder Woman Movie Golden Lasso Men's Hoodiesports Wonder Woman's steel-woven movie symbol surrounded by a coiling magic lasso.Right the lasso forged by Hephaestus god of smithing and fire who made sure this divine super-string was absolutely indestructible. Granted enchantments by a number of gods the Golden Lasso of Truth also allowsthe ensnared to speak and understand the complete truth. As in the whole ding-darn truth.Our soft and warm Wonder Woman hoodie for men keeps one comfortable and involuntarily moral.