Wonder Woman Distressed Symbol Men's T-Shirt

Wonder Woman Distressed Symbol Men's T-Shirt
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    Fellas you outright DEMANDED your very own red Wonder Woman t-shirt with a purposely distressed Wonder Woman logo. What did we do about it? WE LISTENED!Our red and strikingWonder Woman Distressed Symbol Men's T-Shirt sports a purposely distressed double-"W" Wonder Woman symbol.Why "purposely" distressed?Well we want it to look like you already wore it washed it and loved it AT LEAST 756 times already; this creates a "vintage" aesthetic implying the legendary status of the character and the reusable enjoyment of the apparel sporting said legend.Made from 100% cotton this officially licensed Wonder Woman t-shirt is...well it's for fellas because fellas can believe in love just likeWonder Woman.