Wonder Woman Distressed Symbol Girls T-Shirt

Wonder Woman Distressed Symbol Girls T-Shirt
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    Wearing this t-shirt gets you that much closerto being Wonder Woman.Wonder Woman is certainlyinspiringconsidering she's the living breathing battling archetype of kindness tolerance compassion and love.She also represents the infinite wellspring of female fortitudeconsidering the above attributes are the godly-bestowed super-powers expressed by womankind.As a young girl you embrace Wonder Woman's mission of unity throughkindness. Heck you even let your little sister ride your 'big girl' bike on occasion.Through your actionsthe Amazons consideryou their sister and bequeath you with theWonder Woman Distressed Symbol Girls T-Shirt.Made from 100% cotton this Wonder Woman t-shirt for girls features a screen-printed purposely distressed Wonder Woman symbol the symbol of the Amazons' champion and ambassador to 'patriarch's world.'And "patriarch" is just another word for"stinky boy."