Wonder Woman Armory High Low Women's T-Shirt

Wonder Woman Armory High Low Women's T-Shirt
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    There are a lot of ways to skin a Minotaur.Yes there are ahost ofgodly weapons that could do the trick -- a lot of swords shields and very sharp tiaras that could easily removethe incredibly thick hide of a bloodthirstybull-person.Doing a mental inventory of one's armorybefore attempting the task can be emotionally strenuous.Do yourself a favor -- wear theWonder Woman Armory High Low Women's T-Shirt and you'll knowEXACTLY what'sencased in your private sub-basement under the museum.Made from a soft blend of 52% cotton and 48% polyester this Wonder Woman t-shirt features white and subtle illustrations of Diana's go-to weapons including swords shields helms and a very familiar magic lasso.Subtle burn-out print!Yep superficial layers of material are carefully removedfrom arbitrarily treated areas of the t-shirt -- this results in a cloudy swirling coloration.High-lo cut!Yes this exquisite t-shirt hangs lower in the back. Because it's stylish. Because you're stylish.