Wolverine in Classic Brown Men's T-Shirt

Wolverine in Classic Brown Men's T-Shirt
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    It's Wolverine. It's Jim Lee. 'Nuff said.If you're looking for a ferocious and finely detailed rendering of Wolverine I suggest checking out the X-Men series simply titled X-Men -- it debuted in 1991 with several covers and the astounding artwork of Jim Lee.Not into foraging for back-issues? Firstly shame on you-- you're killing the collectorsmarket!! Secondly okay fine-- ourWolverine in Classic Brown Men's T-Shirtshould function as a suitable wearable replacement.Made from 100% cotton this Wolverine t-shift for men features that striking Jim Lee line work a hunched stalking Wolverine and his vertically arranged very 80s-90slogo.And yep he's wearing that classic brown and yellow costume which came after the even more classic yellow and blue bodysuit.