Winter Soldier Past and Future Men's T-Shirt

Winter Soldier Past and Future Men's T-Shirt
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    TheWinter Soldier Past and Future Men's T-Shirt likes to remind us what it takes to become the Winter Soldier. Sure he may be a former sidekick to Captain America who became brainwashed and trained to be an assassin but does he have this 100% cotton shirt? Exactly! Wait where was I going with this? Oh yeah! You'll have a blueprint for what it takes to be Bucky Barnes and/or get a sweet metal arm!For those of you with a keen eye this great shirt's image comes to us from Captain America #11 which one can only assume probably involves Captain America and the Winter Soldier playing a super intense game of Skee-Ball. Or was it a game of 'Battleship'? Either way you should probably have this shirt just in case. My advise anyways!Recommended Reading:This Winter Soldier t-shirt features the cover art to Captain America Vol. 5 #11 rendered by artist Steve Epting.Release Date: November 2005Writer: Ed BrubakerPenciler: Steve EptingInkers: Steve Epting and Mike PerkinsColors: Frank D'ArmataSynopsi