Thor Vs Hulk Men's T-Shirt

Thor Vs Hulk Men's T-Shirt
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    Made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton this super-soft heather gray t-shirt features a classic purposely distressed image of Thor and Hulk pounding the living hell out of each other whileinadvertently leveling a sports stadium or two.AndI mention "heather gray" because the heather orsubtle marblingeffect is in full swing here showing soft interwoven transitions between lighter and darker threading.So who wins in this deeply contested contest between titans both godly and violently man-made? Well I want to say Thor but if he loses Mjolnir he's seriously up poop-creek. Hulk is like the personificationof humanity's ragewith an always proportional amount of ever-evolving strength.But Thor's like a god. Or a highly-advanced alien whose power-set islimited only by thought. How in the hell can he/it lose to the Hulk? Look there are certainly cases to be made for each contender but if you choose the Hulk well you're just wrong.