Thor Son of Asgard Ambigram Men's T-Shirt

Thor Son of Asgard Ambigram Men's T-Shirt
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    In case you missed it: Thor is mighty and also a son of Asgard.Yes he exemplifies the above descriptors considering he's super-powerful with an equally super-powerful (and willful) magic hammer.He's also a son of Asgard the home of immortal super-powerful space-Vikings and the son of Odin the super-super-powerful "Allfather" of every single space-god questing across the "Golden Realm."His'mighty-ness' and 'son-liness' have been recorded for decades in the pages of Marvel comics and are now properly exaltedhere in ourThor Son of Asgard Ambigram Men's T-Shirt.Made from 100% cottonthissoft black Thor t-shirt features a classic purposely scratchy image of Thor layered over equally classic monochrome panels pulled straight from Thor comics.This high-endexceptionally soft Thort-shirt for men features striking colors sharp graphics and a gorgeous*ambigram logothat reads "MIGHTY THOR" right-side up and upside down.*What's an ambigram? It's a word or other artistic symbolic representation-- in