Thor Ragnarok Space Buddies Team Up Men's T-Shirt

Thor Ragnarok Space Buddies Team Up Men's T-Shirt
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    Buddies? I suppose.Space buddies? Absolutely.When threats are more terrestrial and "common" they work in tandem but only when necessary and only when tolerable. Launch them into space where friends are scarce and camaraderie more so? Well that's a strong catalyst forfriendship.Hulk and Thor'snewfound "friendship" takes center stage onourThor Ragnarok Space Buddies Team Up Men's T-Shirt!Made from 100% cotton this black t-shirt for men features a purposely distressed image of Thor and Hulk adorned in their movie-specific subtleand galactic costumeryand very practical gladiator-wear.-- The latter is necessary when fighting for your life in Sakaar's infamous arena.So it's Thor and Hulk leaping through a controlled triangle-shaped wormhole as they mount an offensive against the 80s-inspired Thor Ragnarok logo.The winner takes on Hela.