Supergirl Kids Pink Symbol T-Shirt

Supergirl Kids Pink Symbol T-Shirt
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    Didn't know if you guys knew this or not but Supergirl is a real toughie. When she's not spending her time beating up baddies or hanging out with Superman she either drives her officially sponsored Monster Truck(the Blond Bombshell) competing in an international Counter-Strike Source competition(her online handle is Learn2Play19) or raising combat badgers for the Army. Yes Supergirl is all over the place and I bet she has earned appreciation from your child as well! So if that is the case you might want to pick up this 100% cotton Supergirl Kids Pink Symbol T-Shirt. Features the ever-present 'Super' symbol on a pink t-shirt and made for the wee ones! Image Note: The larger symbol image is a Youth shirt the smaller symbol image is for Toddler and Juvenile.