Stormtrooper Original Costume Hoodie

Stormtrooper Original Costume Hoodie
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    Made from 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester this soft lightweight zip-up hoodie simulates the armored appearance of...the dreaded Stormtrooper! AAAH! Yes we have another version of the Stormtrooper costume hoodie but this one...this one is a bit more authentic in appearance. Check out the printed graphics detailing the plating! Check out those embroidered things allowing the Stormtrooper to....breathe maybe. Check out the black sections simulating reinforced plating along the sleeves! Turn it around for more printed details and an embroidered version of that little backpack thing protruding from a trooper's back. But now the reason you're all here: the hood zips up to form a fully enclosed (simulated ) Stormtrooper helmet! And it's got thinly meshed see-through eyes! NEATO!Yeah so this is a high quality AWESOME item that is a cut above our last Stormtrooper costume Hoodie. Not saying that one is crap or anything. I mean the guy who wore that one Bif he was good guy. A good