Star Trek Starfleet Academy Women's T-Shirt

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Women's T-Shirt
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    Made from 90% Cotton and 10% Polyester this heather gray slim-fit women's t-shirt features a purposely distressed graphic displaying...your membership in the Starfleet Academy! In the year 2161 even! So you're a member of Starfleet Academy huh? Color me impressed. I mean you excelled during your training aced all the'll be the captain of your very own starship very very soon. Oh and we'll never forget the time you threw an organic Belobian land mine at Capt. Frankfurt during exhibition skirmishes on Nerulon IV. He still can't eat salad without trembling. Anyway if you're a fan of Star Trek and/or a lady this..this is a cool t-shirt. *Please note the classic version has a different color print than the slim version*