Spiderman Costume T-Shirt

Spiderman Costume T-Shirt
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    "Print On Front Only"The Spiderman Costume tee is a great shirt for any time of the year but especially for Halloween! Oh and the Spiderman Costume shirt is GREAT for the annual "Take Responsibility for Everything that Goes Wrong Party." Spiderman can never just relax can he? Poor guy is doomed to play our living martyr! Well at least if more people run around with this 100% cotton t-shirt his burden won't be so bad. Who are we kidding! It is always going to be bad. That guy just has an over-acting guilty conscious and he's never going to let it go. That's the problem when the last words spoken to you by a recently deceased family member involve a phrase with 'power' and 'responsibility'. Do we have a support group for this guy?