Organic Cotton T-shirt: Say No To GMOs

Organic Cotton T-shirt: Say No To GMOs
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    Say no to GMOs t-shirt. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are life forms whose genetic makeup is altered by splicing the DNA of two different species. Scientists are using this new technology to make corn, wheat and tomatoes more disease and insect resistant by combining crops with the genes of fish, mice and even humans. The downside is that these processes have yet to be tested, even though GMOs are present in many everyday foods like baby food, cereal and soft drinks. Super weeds are sprouting up and becoming resistant to existing pesticides, requiring stronger formulas. New alergens and toxins are being introduced to the food supply. Nutritionally, genetically engineered foods alter the way our bodies process food. What’s alarming is how these modified crops are contaminating other non-modified crops, through natural pollination. Until further rigorous testing can be completed, we need to SAY NO TO GMOs. This design by renowned designer Ronald J. Cala is printed on 100% organic