Obey gravity. It's the law!

Obey gravity. It's the law!
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    In The Near-Retro Future, Gravity Police Are Everywhere! When it comes to natural forces, ThinkGeek prefers magnetism. Why? It's quite simple. We can do stuff like levitate tops and totally pwn our friends. Our second favorite force would have to be Dominant Mind while playing Knights of the Old Republic in Evil mode. That brings us to our third favorite force, Gravity. Yep. And we prefer the Einsteinian model over the Newtonian, as should you. Thinking about building an anti-gravity device in the basement of the science building? Think again Mister Man! Make no attempts to defy gravity. You would be acting against the law. (see standard formula below!) Gravitational force = (G * m1 * m2) / (d2) Don't give the Gravity Police a reason to knock on your door; do us a favor and always obey gravity. De-molecularization isn't pretty. Blue dusk, 100% cotton t-shirt with orange / white design with a retro-looking gravity cop (blowing his super sci-fi whistle) and the phrase "Obey Gravity