Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 81 Women's T-Shirt

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 81 Women's T-Shirt
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    Okay Nintendo fan here's a question for you: What year did Nintendo's mascot Mario first appear in video games? (HINT: the answer is partially obscured by a life-giving mushroom on our Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 81 Women's T-Shirt!)Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester this soft heather charcoal gray Nintendo V-neck features a mesh-style print denoted with the words "SUPER" and the number "81." And I know the "81" is hard to discern considering that impolite obstructive-but-life-giving mushroom asserting himself in the middle of things.Oh and if you haven't figure it out the answer is 1981.Heather-gray??Yup. This is an interweaving of darker and lighter threading granting the t-shirt a fibrous marbling effect. Neat-o!V-neck!Becausewe're stylish and you're stylish."Mesh-style" print??The text resemblesimageryprinted over mesh just like a sports jersey.Because playing video games is comparable to playing full contact sports! DUH!