Justice League The Darkseid War Men's T-Shirt

Justice League The Darkseid War Men's T-Shirt
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    Where were you when the Anti-Monitor killed Darkseid?I'll tell you EXACTLY where you were:You were right outside the police perimeter watching in awe as Darkseid -- the ancient freewill-killing space-god from Apokolips -- went toe-to-toe with the Anti-Monitor -- an all-powerful entity who regularly razes multiple existences.Where were the Justice League? They were at ground zero attempting to mitigate the massive destruction caused by twoimmortal chaos machines.When did it happen? Why wasn't it on the news (or Snapchat)??Well it happened in the pages of DC's Justice League comic series during the epic story arc "The Darkseid War."OurJustice League The Darkseid War Men's T-Shirt? It boasts the cover image to Justice League #50rendered by Jay Fabok -- it's the final issue of this Earth-ravaging epic.So wear this Justice League t-shirt and regale your friends with the tale of two titans thrashing the holy hell out of each other......and the appearance of 'baby Darkseid' who is just the cu