Justice League Movie Logo Badge Men's T-Shirt

Justice League Movie Logo Badge Men's T-Shirt
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    Afterthe Justice League saved your city this was the symbolcovering yourapartment building.There were countless swarms of Parademons circling your neighborhood razingchurches music stores daycaresand coffee shops.Within minutes -- no seconds -- the Justice League arrived and collectively stuffed them into a portal leading back to the smoldering alien war-planet from which they came.After the smoke clearedand the fires burned out The Flash removed a stencil from his pocket and coveredyour hometown in red streaking Justice League symbols.......a warning to all future alien invaders that this town --your town -- was protected by the Justice League and probably monitored carefully byacertain "watchtower" stationed on the moon.Made from an ultra-soft blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester this charcoal-gray Justice League Movie Logo Badge Men's T-Shirtfeatures that very same stenciled shield rendered in a streaking splattered print.Above the symbol the official Justice League movie logo.Incr