Joker's Batman Campfire Story Men's T-Shirt

Joker's Batman Campfire Story Men's T-Shirt
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    This blackJoker's Batman Campfire Story Men's T-Shirt features surprisingly huggable renditions of three preeminent Batman rogues -- Harley Quinn Joker and Catwoman -- as they share their terrifying Batman encounters over a campfire.Yes we're telling you this 100% cotton Batman t-shirt is a regular occurrence -- a rightfully terrified Joker Catwoman and Harley Quinn break out the trailer....and go camping. When they sit around a campfire and roasthot dogs/s'mores/bacon theyshare harrowing tales of Batman's lingering ominous presencelong after he stymies nefarious plots.This unique Batman t-shirt flips therole of "villain" based on twisted perspectives and validates Batman's position on utilizing fear to paralyze his enemies.Basically if you're using Batman's ghostly visage to terrify your co-conspirators I would say Batman's intimidation factor precedes him.