Joker Gotcha All Tied Up Chibi Men's T-Shirt

Joker Gotcha All Tied Up Chibi Men's T-Shirt
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    A lighthearted look at a legendary very contentious relationship.Batman and The Joker have been dancing this dance for years -- decades even. This never-ending 'cat and mouse'dynamic (or 'bat and clown' dynamic) is usually quite graphic and psychologically jarring.OurJoker Gotcha All Tied Up Chibi Men's T-Shirt offers a reprieve from all the darkness present in their usual exchanges with friendly almost huggable Chibi-inspired iterations of personified chaos and control.Made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester this heather-grayJoker t-shirt for menfeatures an entangled Batman who'smildly uncomfortableand a gleeful Joker who drinks in Batman's mild discomfort.What the hell is "Chibi"?It's a Japanese slang word describing something short. So if it's short cute and cuddle-worthy chances are it's Chibi.