Iron Man Helmet Head Men's T-Shirt

Iron Man Helmet Head Men's T-Shirt
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    A helmet strong enough to contain Tony's ego.(Okay probably not.)Sure the invincible Iron Man armor contains an even more invincible headpiece considering it protects Tony's most valuable asset -- well other than his face:His incredibly adequate (and yes handsome) brain the source of his superior intelligence. Superior? Yes superior and if you happen to doubt said superiority he'll happily explain it to you with a side-order of snark.Our Iron Man Helmet Head Men's T-Shirt features a rather large Iron Man cranium. One might call it an overinflated Iron Noggin comparable to Tony's overinflated nearly toxic narcissism.Made from 100% cotton this classic oversized Iron Man head is a technological masterpiece invented constructed tested and perfected by Tony Stark the invincible self-gratifying Iron Man!