Incredible Hulk Transformation Men's T-Shirt

Incredible Hulk Transformation Men's T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% cotton ourIncredible Hulk Transformation Men's T-Shirt depicts a metamorphosis so horrifying it inducespost-traumatic stress disorder in those unlucky enough to bear witness!Yes this soft black t-shirt features a classic purposely distressed image of Dr. Bruce Banner transforming into theunstoppableunfettered atomically charged expression of raw id the incredible Hulk!If you listen closely you can hear the unnatural sounds of flesh tearing morphing and reknitting. Youcan hear Bruce's tortured muffled howls asbones break organs stretch musculature magnifies and commonly understood physics bend.Do not celebrate this Hulk this erroneous unspeakable horror devised by man's questinginto realms of universal super-structure he was never built to understand. We beseech you to accept Banner's fate as a warning to all men of science who meddle in the affairs of reality's volatile touchstones: there are things beyond the parametersof human understanding and when prodded or poked th