I Have OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder)

I Have OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder)
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    It's ok. You can tell us. Do you have O.C.D.? Let's just clarify what we mean here... O.C.D. as in Obsessive Christmas Disorder. It's a for real thing. And it's a pandemic. Fortunately, there's a cure! Just follow these simple steps... 1. Hang some twinkle lights. 2. Play some Christmas tunes. 3. Drink an insane about of peppermint mochas. 4. Put up a tree and decorate it to taste. 5. Surround yourself with family and friends as you eat and drink and be merry. Basically, just give in! Don't fight it! Let yourself fall head first into all things Christmas and you won't regret it.