Guardians of the Galaxy Album Profiles Men's T-Shirt

Guardians of the Galaxy Album Profiles Men's T-Shirt
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    Because the Guardians of the Galaxy's second album also went six-timesplatinum in the UK and double platinum in the US.Okay so the Guardians of the Galaxy aren't an actual band butStar-Lord aspires to make them one ensuring theirholographic intergalactic advertisements reflect classic Earth-based album covers.Case inpoint ourGuardians of the Galaxy Album Profiles Men's T-Shirt effectivelymimics the cover to the second Gorillaz album 'Demon Days.'You know the Gorillaz -- the first 'virtual band' starring four completely made-up members generating music touching on multiple styles including trip hop hip hop alternative rock Britpopelectronica and about 15 others.How does this Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 t-shirt further convey the Gorillaz 'Demon Days' aesthetic?It's Star-Lord taking the place of virtual Gorillaz member Murdoc!It's Groot and Rocket co-occupying the space of band member 2-D!It's Gamora taking the place of Noodle!It's Drax subbing in for Russel!