Green Lantern Choose Your Color Men's T-Shirt

Green Lantern Choose Your Color Men's T-Shirt
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    Select your Lantern in this two-player non-existent video game available only on the Nintendo Entertainment System circa 1985!The Green Lanterns aren't alone -- there's a bevy of color-coded Lantern Corps drawing and utilizing infinite power from the Emotional Spectrum viarings or other sensible conductive accessories.When Hal Jordan -- the Green Lantern of Earth -- introduced multi-colored alien ring-bearers to the general public in 1985 humanity reacted to thepsychologicallyjarring newsby opening up local support groups and......creating a two-player fighting video game with countless combat combinations and rated-R finishing moves.Made from 100% cotton -- and 100% EXCLUSIVE -- our Green Lantern Choose Your Color Men's T-Shirt is a black t-shirt adorned with the symbols of every Lantern Corp presented as avideo game menu rendered in gloriouslyretro 8-bit graphics!Who are the selectable Lanterns available on this unique Green Lantern t-shirt for men?From left to right top to bottom:Th