Funko Wonder Woman Super Cute Women's T-Shirt

Funko Wonder Woman Super Cute Women's T-Shirt
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    Girls (and Themyscirans) just wanna' have fun whether it's by kicking bad guys' butts or jumping rope withthe good ol' Lasso of Truth.Being an Ambassador to Man's World is a tough job and you don't always have time to take a breather.But when there are no evildoers lurking around nearby (and when no one's looking) Wonder Woman loves to take a break by getting in touch with her inner child -- and that's by getting creative with her Lasso of Truth.I mean jumping rope is probably Lesson One of Basic Themysciran Warrior Princess Training 101 right?Show off your fun and childlike side with this Funko Wonder Woman Super Cute Women's T-Shirt in breezy baby blue! And because the Lasso of Truth is all about the well the truth you'll never have to worry about an inaccurate jump rope score.Made from 100% cotton this light blue Wonder Woman t-shirt features a child-like illustration of a gloriously childish Wonder Woman. And yes that's avery roundabout way of telling you I'm envious.