Flash Star Labs Men's Baseball T-Shirt

Flash Star Labs Men's Baseball T-Shirt
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    If it wasn't for STAR Labs The Flash would probably explode.Or absorb the space-time continuum into his fanny pack. Or spontaneouslycombust due to the volatile nature of infinite Speed Force pervading his finite biology.Yes STAR LabsDC Comics'advanced research center dealing with Metahumansand their continent-melting maladiesis always there to contain The Flash's Speed Force seizures that consistently purge mind-numbing continuity.To properly celebrate STAR Labs' diligence in the face of terrifying mostly theoretical science -- and the staff's obvious love of softball-- we present theFlash Star Labs Men's Baseball T-Shirt.Made from a soft blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester this baseball-style STAR Labs t-shirt for men features the official STAR Labs logo in a bold white print layering a soft heather-gray body.Baseball style?Notice the black 3/4" sleeves and collar -- it's exactly like a baseball t-shirt.Heather-gray?A marbling effect created by the interweaving of darker and lighter