Flash Flashpoint The Chair Men's T-Shirt

Flash Flashpoint The Chair Men's T-Shirt
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    Losing your powers is a terrible thing...just look at the great lengths Barry Allen is going through on the 100% heavy cottonFlash Flashpoint The Chair Men's T-Shirt which has one of those fancy tear-away sizing tags(though the DC one is a bit more resilient). Does it look like Barry is having a good time? Not really...though you probably will in this great shirt!Recommended Reading: Yep this Flash t-shirt features the cover image to Flashpoint #2 (of 5) rendered by artistsAndy Kubert Sandra Hope and Alex Sinclair.Release Date:August 2011Writer:Geoff JohnsPenciler: Andy KubertInker: Sandra HopeSynopsis:In the second issue of thecrossover event that spawned "The New 52" Barry Allen is learning more about the universe he created by undoing the death of his murdered mother-person. Desperate to regain his powers and the trust of this world's Batman (Thomas Wayne) Flash beseeches the brusqueCaped Crusader to strap him to an electric chair; Barry is surea concentrated doseof lightning will r