Dr. Who Time Lord Academy Men's T-Shirt

Dr. Who Time Lord Academy Men's T-Shirt
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    Made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester your brand-newDr. Who Time Lord Academy Men's T-Shirt tells us you're an especially bright entitycommitted to following in the footsteps of the legendary Time Lord Doctor Who. Yes with this soft heather-gray t-shirt wrapped confidently around your torso you aspire to learn the vast idiosyncrasies of time travel and you do this effectively at the puropsely time-displaced Time Lord Academy.Nestled in the mountains of Gallifrey the Time Lord Academy is a place for budding Time Lords to proverbially dip their toes into the time pool. Within the very first week Pre-Time Lords are granted time within fully functioning...Tardises?Tardi? Tardisisses? Anyway they get to fly a Tardis and learnabout the confounding simultaneity of time.So you have the proper Time Lord Academy t-shirt. Check. The Sonic Screwdriver set to TRAINING MODE? Check. Your guide to identifying humanoid Daleks? No? Oooo you're going to need that.