Defenders Sweet Christmas Tour Men's T-Shirt

Defenders Sweet Christmas Tour Men's T-Shirt
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    Because the show must go on regardless of the band's notorious infighting.YepThe Defenders absolutely hate each other -- a well-known very public fact. Honestly after the 15th break-up fans were quite confident this four-piece proto-punk outfit was finally and completelydiminished.Imagine our surprise when The Defenders...A) Reassembled!B) Announced their Sweet Christmas Tour!OurDefenders Sweet Christmas Tour Men's T-Shirt is an EXCLUSIVE 100% cotton concert t-shirt celebrating areunionof mostly dismissive superheroes amidst their "final" performance.Let's meet the band!On guitars (and backing vocals) it's the frenetic electrified fret-punching of Danny Rand aka The Iron Fist!On bass it's the stone-heavy thumbing of Luke Cage aka Luke Cage!On drums it's the very sensitive intricate and graceful skin-snapping of Matt Murdock aka Daredevil!And on lead vocals it's the crooning stumbling and visibly intoxicated Jessica Jones!Tickets are ON SALE NOW!!