Deadpool Weapon X Basketball Jersey

Deadpool Weapon X Basketball Jersey
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    Deadpool's scarred scorched cranium kind of resembles a cooked flaking basketball covered in spoiled strawberry jam.I mean...right? Is that the connection between Deadpool and ourDeadpool Weapon X Basketball Jersey?A horrifying Deadpool aesthetic comparable to a mercilessly beaten basketball?? Look let's accept there's nological narrative and move on shall we?Made from 100% polyester this Deadpool basketball jersey is rendered in a light athletic and airyred mesh featuring a sizable felt-like applique of the round and less repugnant Deadpool symbol.The Sides!Each side features a black elastic stripe running the length of the tank bordered in white trim.And the Back?The back of this fine Deadpool tank-thing features thick black print denoting Deadpool's involvement in the shady mutant-weaponizing organization Weapon X. Beneath the PTSD-inducing "Weapon X" text the year of Deadpool's comic book debut in *New Mutants #98.*I totally had that issue -- in MINT CONDITION -- and sold it for li