Deadpool Maximum Effort Men's T-Shirt

Deadpool Maximum Effort Men's T-Shirt
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    Deadpool always gives 100%.And he extendsthis "maximum effort" philosophy to every facet of his wackadoodle Deadpool-ery including (but certainlynot limited to) the following:Overeating.Setting bear traps.Losing an appendage while servicing a faulty bear trap.Assassinating Mutant overlords before they're potty trained.OurDeadpool Maximum Effort Men's T-Shirt featuresourfavorite manic merc putting "maximum effort" into inhaling several pizza slices. However the real effort comes later-- soon after digestion-- when said pizza wishes to violently expel itself from Deadpool's supercharged bowels.Made from a soft 100% cotton this Deadpool t-shirt for men features a lazily binging WadeWilsonenjoying pizza and beer to the best of his ability.