DC Girls Do It Better Women's T-Shirt

DC Girls Do It Better Women's T-Shirt
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    This 100% cotton DC Girls Do It Better Women's T-Shirt makes a bold statement 'Anything boys can do girls can do better!' You know what? I can totally get behind that. I'm a reverse sexist so I'm all for having society flip the other way around and become matriarchal. Why? Because us boys have had a chance to have all of the fun for the thousands of years up to this point. Now is the time where women should sign up for Selective Service at 18 like us guys! Guys can start staying home with the children and wearing dresses! I always thought how great I would look in a sun dress. Yes! Sorry about that - I got a little side tracked! I was talking about this great t-shirt featuring DC Comics Wonder Woman Supergirl and Batgirl. Being that they are superheroes I wouldn't try to call them out on it. GIRL POWAH!