Catwoman You Only Live Nine Times Men's T-Shirt

Catwoman You Only Live Nine Times Men's T-Shirt
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    You only live nine times?Only?Hmmm. For some reason I'm finding it hard to be dismissive about an additional eight lives.Look I realize it's Catwoman we're dealing with so she probably lost a few lives in the following horrible ways:Falling off skyscrapers whiledodging Batarangs.Waging war against variouscrime-families.Taking a shot or two of heart-stopping fear-toxin.Okay I digress -- when you're Catwoman nine lives aren't nearly enough.OurCatwoman You Only Live Nine Times Men's T-Shirt is a soft blue shirt featuringa simple stylish Catwoman rendered in solid black ink -- she's sandwiched between the proclamation lamenting her finite number of lifetimes.Made from a soft blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester this Catwoman t-shirt for men boasts a contemplative but characteristically playful Catwoman taking stock and taking time to cuddle.