Catwoman Bathroom Selfie Men's T-Shirt

Catwoman Bathroom Selfie Men's T-Shirt
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    All fancied up and ready for a night out on the town? Then reach for and arm yourself with the insanely awesomeCatwoman Bathroom Selfie Men's T-Shirt! Nothing says 'classy' like a horde of cats around you...which is probably why Selina Kyle is always so fascinated by DC Comics' Dark Knight Batman! Cats and bats may not get along but at least it rhymes and that's more than most people have isn't it?Both amusing and perfect for improving your t-shirt collection this great 100% cotton Catwoman t-shirt shows that Ms. Kyle doesn't spend all of her time stealing jewels. Sometimes she just hangs out with her horde of kitty-meow meows! I guess we all need our downtime right?