Captain America Comic Splash Page Men's T-Shirt

Captain America Comic Splash Page Men's T-Shirt
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    He was built for war.Steve Rogers underwent the rigors of Project: Rebirth in order to repel theadvancing Nazi menace from the shores of free nations everywhere.He wascatapulted to the front lines to fight the mighty Nazi armada and hurl a few Panzer IV tanks in thedirection of Hitler's bunker.He was also given a little help in the form of James "Bucky" Barnes a highly trained military operative whohandled the "messy business" Cap was a little uncomfortable with.Made from 100% cotton ourCaptain America Comic Splash Page Men's T-Shirt features an image of Cap and Bucky in the throes of World War II illustrated in a tense monochromeby the exceptionally talented Steve Epting.Layered with a red transparentCap shield this Captain America t-shirt for men features two legendary warriors -- no soldiers -- fighting the good fight so you and I can enjoy the freedomto eat hot dogs for breakfast.