Bruce I'll Be Your Father Men's T-Shirt

Bruce I'll Be Your Father Men's T-Shirt
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    One quashes a rebellion to secure his sonthe other terrorizes crime to avenge his father.Both characters go to great lengths to fill the family-sized holes in their hearts. Darth Vader will ruin a rebellion and dismiss the Empire to secure Luke and Batman will obsessively protect a city to ensure no child loses a parent.-- Because Bruce Wayne lost both.--Put themtogether in a very clever mash-up t-shirt where comical emotional needinessis the central theme? Yep we have ourselves a winner.Our Bruce I'll Be Your Father Men's T-Shirt -- completely EXCLUSIVEand only available HERE -- is a charcoal gray t-shirt featuring the recognizable emotionally scarred silhouettes of two psychologically -- and aesthetically -- dark characters.Made from 100% cottonthis Batman and Star Wars-themedt-shirt features aman who could desperately use a father and a father who's just been given the opportunity to amend some seriously terrible karma.