Batman and Friends Math Emoji Men's T-Shirt

Batman and Friends Math Emoji Men's T-Shirt
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    The numbers don't lie: superheroes are bat-#### crazy.We're sick and tired of all the guessing and speculating; it's time to do thehard math and determine what -- exactly -- inspires our so called "protectors" and the villains they inadvertently create in the emotionally traumatizing fallout.Closely examining our 100% cotton Batman and Friends Math Emoji Men's T-Shirt you'll see we used some simple needlessly cute renditions of various super-peopleexpressing particularmental states. We then introduced other super-characters into the equation to determine a quantifiable 'end-state' for one particularcharacter.A few observations:Angry Batman plus a befuddled Joker equals a happier Batman. Hmmm. Interesting.A Superman who drops the secret identity equates to a happier Superman. And he totally knows it's a poor conceit so he's giving us a wink.Very angry literally fuming occurrences of Batman and Superman equate to a mildlyperplexed Flash.Heather gray?The "heather" or marbling effect is ex