Batman Symbol Justice League Movie Men's T-Shirt

Batman Symbol Justice League Movie Men's T-Shirt
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    "Ididn't think he was real -- just a rumor running throughthe Gotham Citycartels to effectively scare themselvessilly.But here he is -- standing in front of myself someone calling himself "The Flash" and that flying woman who occasionally pops up on international news websites during skirmishes involving terrorists factions or Third World dictators.He's the Batman and he's walking talking and barking out orders to the rest of his "Justice League". If I wasn'tfused with alien technology and bleeding-edge cyberneticsIwould think this assemblage utterly absurd.Batman gave me a t-shirt for "trying and not dying" -- it's theBatman Symbol Justice League Movie Men's T-Shirt.Made from 100% cotton it's a black t-shirt sporting his broad Bat Symbol carved from sharp stone and glazed in tempered steel-- right the same materials responsible for his intense jawline."--From the journal (actually more like a self-updating internal log) of Victor Stone entry# 11/17/2017.Based on the hitJustice League