Batman Symbol Fitted V-Neck Women's T-Shirt

Batman Symbol Fitted V-Neck Women's T-Shirt
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    Da Na Na Na Na Na Na Na 100% cotton Batman Symbol Slim V-Neck Women's T-Shirt! You know you're getting tired of those boring old crew necks so why not go with the Vneck. We are a big fan of the Vneck here at the Superherostuff office. There was even talk of mandatory Vneck Tuesdays well mostly from me... Some people joined in others didn't. Kind of disappointing really but hey now that us ladies have theBatman Symbol Slim V-Neck Women's T-Shirt I think I can get everyone to participate. Well all the women at least... Hm maybe some of the men too... I wonder if Ben Affleck can pull of a women's Vneck? That should be part of the playing Batman in a movie pre-requisite. POW!