Batman Hush by Jim Lee Men's T-Shirt

Batman Hush by Jim Lee Men's T-Shirt
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    Because no one does Gothic Batman better than Jim Lee.Ifyou want a ridged detailed and angular Batman perched defiantly on a gargoyle during a relentless thunderstorm implying the Dark Knight's demeanor youhand the pencil duties directly to Jim Lee.Thankfully that's exactly what DC Comics did during the classic "HUSH" story arc. Written by Jeph Loeb "HUSH" granted us an interesting new foe and a seriously upgraded rogue gallery regular.It also granted us a carefully drafted tonally spot-on Batman rendered by 90s sensation Jim Lee -- a rendition accurately conveyed on ourBatman Hush by Jim Lee Men's T-Shirt.Made from 100% cotton this black Batman t-shirt features the above-mentioned Batman in all his gargoyle-perched glory.And yes Jim Lee made sure to include a cacophonous storm silhouetted architecture and churning blueclouds to really drive home that Gothic feel.Bravo Jim Lee. Bravo.