Batman Green Lantern Blackest Night Men's T-Shirt

Batman Green Lantern Blackest Night Men's T-Shirt
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    How do you terrify an assemblage of the most powerful DC superheroes? Attack them with zombie Batman.In the epic Green Lantern story "BLACKEST NIGHT"the universal power of Death-- represented by The Black Hand -- forged its very own ring-bearing corps the Black Lanterns.Who/what were the Black Lanterns? Nothingspecial really -- just evil zombie versions of valiant super-people who lost their lives in the line of duty inspired to bring about the end of everything since life is a malignant stain onthe pristine canvas of nonexistence. Ahem.Anyway DC's greatest heroes seemed to be faring well until the Black Hand dropped a bomb -- a decaying Batman-shaped bomb spitting black ringsand chewing on the necks of long-standing Justice Leaguers.Yep the consummate power of universal death resurrected a presumed-dead Batman -- a morale-crushing blow toa shocked superhero collective.Made from 100% cotton ourBatman Green Lantern Blackest Night Men's T-Shirt features the terrifying scenes pulled strai