Batman Dark Knight Returns Comic Cover Men's T-Shirt

Batman Dark Knight Returns Comic Cover Men's T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% heavy cotton and featuring tear-away sizing tags(though not the official DC Comics tag) theBatman Dark Knight Returns Comic Cover Men's T-Shirt is based on the famous 1986 story and cover by Frank Miller! You might be familiar with it. It's the one where Batman has spent some time in retirement!Unfortunately for Gotham in his absence crime ran rampant. That eventually leads into Batman fighting Superman...which I think may be part of a recent movie or something. Don't worry though - there's no Jesse Eisenberg on this great shirt!Recommended Reading: This Batman t-shirt sports the iconic cover to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 rendered by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley.Release Date: January 1986Writer:Frank MillerPenciler: Frank MillerInker: Klaus JansonColorist: Lynn VarleySynopsis: Frank Miller's Batman opusintroduced as a 4-issue prestige format miniseries focused on the years after Batman's retirement a time of questionable governance increased crime and a shared gl