Batman Caped Kids Factory Second Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Batman Caped Kids Factory Second Long Sleeve T-Shirt
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    Raise your very own Batman.Your wee-one is already a Batman enthusiast-- he's cooing at the massive Batman statue covering 95% of your mantle and sounding out the words "I'm Batman" like a champ.To enable his Batman worship-- and prepare him for the decades of intense physical/emotional training that might produce a homegrown Batman-- werecommend ourBatman Caped Kids Factory Second Long Sleeve T-Shirt.This Batman costume t-shirt for kids features a stunningremovable cape fastened with velcro-- it's adorned witha bright and beaming Batman symbol.Featuring illustrated musculature a printed Utility Belt and long yellow sleeves this simulated Caped Crusader costume for traumatized (and non-traumatized) kid-persons is...probably not a good idea.Sure Batman gets the job done but the price is happinessand healthy relationships. He's a gloomy so-and-so is what I'msaying.What's a "Factory Second?"An itemlabeled as such has minor --very minor-- imperfections in the color orprintenough so that se