Ames Bros Shark vs Bear Graphic T-Shirt

Ames Bros Shark vs Bear Graphic T-Shirt
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    There has been a long debate among scholars on who would win in a fight between the Great White Shark and the Grizzly Bear. First thing is you have to determine is the arena. We all assume the great white shark has the advantage in the water, but we all know the grizzly likes to be counted as the underdog in all situations. Fighting on land has to go to the grizzly bear, with his ability to strafe the shark with the use of his limbs and his uncanny ability to breath out of water. Until a neutral arena can determined, no one can say FOR CERTAIN who is the better brawler. One thing for sure wearing this t-shirt will spark debates that could last late into the night and into the early morning. Graphic T-Shirt Created by: Ames Bros Color: Indigo Black Heather, Marine Black Heather or Grey Heather T-Shirt Material: Polyester/Cotton.