Ames Bros Croc Bird Graphic T-Shirt

Ames Bros Croc Bird Graphic T-Shirt
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    Another beautiful blend of vintage color, classic design and modern themes from Ames Bros. The Croc Bird Graphic T-Shirt in Feather Tan is the color of antique or handmade paper, providing a perfect backdrop for the fatigued lime green of the graphic print. What a fine color contrast! This t-shirt features a large print of a proud and fierce crocodile and a bold, intrepid plover bird. The scene captures an intriguing natural relationship that celebrates co-operation and negotiation in our natural environment. The image calls to mind ecosystems, natural habitats, conservation, and humanity's devotion to appreciating and sustaining our shared environment. Add a bold design with subtle colors to your wardrobe, or give a gift that celebrates our love of nature and environmental stewardship. Graphic T-Shirt Created By: Ames Bros Color: Feather Tan T-Shirt Material: 65% Polyester - 35% Cotton