World's Finest Superman Tees

When we think superheroes, Superman is naturally one of the very first to come to mind! After his debut in Action Comics back in 1938, Superman went on to become a staple of American pop culture. The story of the young man from ill-fated planet Krypton raised in the American countryside, who soon made Metropolis his home as mild mannered reporter Clark Kent is one that's resonated for generations. Numerous films have been adapted, both live action and animated, from the original starring Christopher Reeve to the new Man of Steel.

Whether it's for the comic books, classic and modern, movies, cartoons, the Justice League, or even the social commentary made from analysis of the Superman story, there's no questioning that he's one of the most multifaceted, beloved, and important superheroes.

Whatever your reason for super-love, we've got a great set of Superman tees here for your enjoyment.

1. Superman Forever

Superman Forever

Being Superman means a lot of quick costume changes.

2. Superman "Come At Me Bro"

Superman "Come At Me Bro"

With this Superman tee, you're ready to go!

3. Superman Man Of Steel Costume

Superman Man Of Steel Costume

This costume may be realistic, but we don't recommend suggesting people punch you to prove your power.

4. Bizarro from Superman

Bizarro from Superman

Me am not at all impressed by your snazzy Bizarro costume!

5. Superman Face Hoodie

Superman Face Hoodie

Turn your head and Superman will tell the world how you feel!

6. Smallville High Funny Superman School

Smallville High Funny Superman School

Smallville: We put the town's size right in the name!

7. Justice League Superheroes

Justice League Superheroes

Like The Avengers? Superman's in his own rad DC Comics superhero team.

8. DC Comics Superman Drop It Like It's Hot

DC Comics Superman Drop It Like It's Hot

Just maybe don't drop anybody if they're a few stories from the ground.

9. Superman & Krypto

Superman & Krypto

The superhero game's for the dogs too!

10. Clark's Shirt - DC Comics

Clark's Shirt - DC Comics

All you need is a pair of glasses and your disguise is complete!

11. Superman "Battle To The End"

Superman "Battle To The End"

If Clark Kent wanted to disguise himself as a biker, this would probably be the right shirt to wear then.

12. Superman Defense - DC Comics

Superman Defense - DC Comics

C'mon angry mob, do you even think you're a match here?

13. Superman Kneel Before Zod

Superman Kneel Before Zod

Appease General Zod by carrying his message to the masses!

14. Cute Superman - DC Comics

Cute Superman - DC Comics

If you think this Superman's cute, you should see little Mr. Mxyzptlk!

15. Superman Logos - DC Comics

Superman Logos - DC Comics

When you wear this, you can tell the world, "Supe's on!" And no one will judge you.

16. Superman Football Helmet

Superman Football Helmet

Warning! This t-shirt featuring a football helmet will not actually prevent head injuries.

17. Superman Man of Steel

Superman Man of Steel

Anybody in the mood for another cool reboot?

18. Superman Fireproof

Superman Fireproof

Superman's resistance to fire and basically everything is the envy of pretty much everybody alive.

19. Man Of Steel Superman Red Streak

Man Of Steel Superman Red Streak

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's that guy whose cape leaves a cool afterimage!

20. Superman Caped V-Neck

Superman Caped V-Neck

Caped for your consideration.

21. Superman Lightning Logo - DC Comics

Superman Lightning Logo - DC Comics

"What, did I just get struck by lightning? I didn't even notice 'cause, oh, you know, I'M SUPERMAN."

22. Lex Luthor for President

Lex Luthor for President

Luthor's not even starting local!

23. Superman Red Eyes

Superman Red Eyes

Not just a trick of the camera!

24. Superman Eat Your Veggies

Superman Eat Your Veggies

Sound advice, though being born on Krypton also helps.

25. Superman Hair Gel

Superman Hair Gel

Super hair is more important than you might think.

26. Superman Hangover

Superman Hangover

We smell a new crossover movie franchise!

27. Superman's TARDIS!

Superman's TARDIS!

Time-traveling police box versus spinning the planet backward to reverse time - GO!

28. Family Guy Peter As Superman

Family Guy Peter As Superman

Hey, sometimes Superman's a Family Guy.

29. Superman I'm Fly

Superman I'm Fly

Super puns are part of the Superman package.

30. Chicks Dig The Cape - Superman

Chicks Dig The Cape - Superman

It is a pretty swank cape.

31. DC Comics - This is a Job for Superman

DC Comics - This is a Job for Superman

For classically thinking Superman fans.

32. Superman Doomsday

Superman Doomsday

Unlike a lot of supervillains, Doomsday's earned his name.

33. Keep Calm and Call Superman

Keep Calm and Call Superman

Sound advice.

34. Superman - Property of MU

Superman - Property of MU

The world should know you went to Superman's alma mater.

35. Superman Unchained

Superman Unchained

Nothing holds back the Man of Steel. Unless you happen to have some convenient Kryptonite around, anyway.

36. Superman Say No To Kryptonite

Superman Say No To Kryptonite

Seriously, how do they just keep finding chunks of that all over the place?

37. Superfriends


Meanwhile, on your t-shirt!