Uncanny X-Men Tees

If there's one thing people love more than superheroes, it's superhero teams. There are the Avengers and Justice League, of course, and then there's the X-Men. Where the Avengers and JLA are made up of a broad range of popular heroes from the Marvel and DC comic book universes, the X-Men are all mutants, facing their own unique challenges in a world that would rather send the Sentinels after them.

Whether you've got claws like Wolverine, eyesight like Cyclops, or have more of an archenemy streak in you like Magneto, we've got tees here for all aspiring graduates of Professor X's school.

1. Marvel Comics X-Men Wolverine Huge Head

Marvel Comics X-Men Wolverine Huge Head

Whatcha lookin' at, bub?

2. X-Men We Can Get Along

X-Men We Can Get Along

This totally won't backfire when the extremists show up.

3. X-Men - Wolverine Blood n Steel

X-Men - Wolverine Blood n Steel

You may think you can get Wolverine down, but he's pretty adamant about everything.

4. X-Men Kitty Pryde Phase

X-Men Kitty Pryde Phase

Shadowcat's on ur shirt, phasin' through u.

5. Cyclops P-Pew! P-Pew!

Cyclops P-Pew! P-Pew!

Half of Cyclops' power is disabling opponents with laughter at his hilarious sound effects.

6. Wolverine Costume Hoodie

Wolverine Costume Hoodie

Lookin' sharp 'n pointy, bub.

7. I am Gambit

I am Gambit

Let the world know you're a real card!

8. X-Men - Group

X-Men - Group

Because you like your X-Men classic.

9. Xmen Retro Group Shot

Xmen Retro Group Shot

Whenever Phoenix shows up, things turn messy.

10. X-Men Symbol

X-Men Symbol

Mutant and proud.

11. I Am Rogue

I Am Rogue

Now you too can go Rogue! (Power-absorption powers not included.)

12. Xmen Magneto Villains

Xmen Magneto Villains

Heroes and villain.

13. Marvel Comics X-Men Group

Marvel Comics X-Men Group

Avengers, er, X-Men! Assemble!

14. X-Men Power of Magneto

X-Men Power of Magneto

He's so magnetic, heroes can't stop fighting him!

15. X-Men Wolverine It Just Got Real

X-Men Wolverine It Just Got Real

One way to make a point.

16. X-men Magneto Shadow Boxer

X-men Magneto Shadow Boxer

Magneto - how does he work?